Getting access to the funds you need, when you need them most.

Pre-settlement funding is often the best option for assistance with paying bills and day-to-day living expenses for plaintiffs involved in litigation. If you are unable to work and the bills are mounting up, pre-settlement funding may be able to help.

Additional Benefits of Pre-Settlement Funding

If you need help paying your bills or your day-to-day expenses, pre-settlement funding can help you in your time of need. Mortgage payments, car payments, medical bills and utility bills are just some of the obligations that pre-settlement funding can help you take care of.

In many cases, people have to accept the first offer the defense makes because the plaintiff is in such dire financial need. Pre-settlement funding can help the plaintiff weather the storm and hold out for the result that they deserve.

Another benefit of pre-settlement funding involves the risk to the plaintiff. The source of repayment to the pre-settlement funding company is solely the case itself. If the case isn’t successful, the plaintiff is not required to pay back the funds received.

Pre-settlement funding can serve as a bridge to get you through a difficult time and allow you to receive the justice that you deserve.

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