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Medical Records Case Settlement

Lawyers reach settlement in medical records case KANSAS CITY (AP) — Lawyers have asked a Jackson County judge to approve about a $400,000 settlement in a lawsuit filed after personal medical records that were put in the trash were blown across a neighborhood in May. The settlement was between Midwest Women’s Healthcare Specialists and 1,532 […]

Getting access to the funds you need, when you need them most.

Pre-settlement funding is often the best option for assistance with paying bills and day-to-day living expenses for plaintiffs involved in litigation. If you are unable to work and the bills are mounting up, pre-settlement funding may be able to help. Additional Benefits of Pre-Settlement Funding If you need help paying your bills or your day-to-day […]

Asbestos Case Settlements

Mesothelioma Settlements Some mesothelioma settlements and verdicts have reached into the millions, but it’s not easy to estimate how much a person will receive prior to filing a claim. Compensation varies on claimant’s diagnosis, medical history, companies sued, where the claim is filed, proof of negligence and other factors.

Negotiating Tips for Hospital Liens

Continuing our series on how to approach liens in personal injury cases and how to negotiate the different types of lien claims that arise in personal injury cases, we now address negotiating hospital lien claims. Hospital lien claims generally arise because your client received emergency care at a hospital following their accident, and your client […]